February 29, 2004


Very intriguing confluence of usage last week. See if you can spot what these items have in commmon.

"The system created by the United States for trials by military tribunal of foreign terrorism suspects held at Guantanamo Bay is fundamentally unfair and hopelessly antiquated, military lawyers assigned to represent these prisoners said on Wednesday."

'[A] report in the Wall Street Journal that said Halliburton's KBR engineering and construction unit had found its cost control systems "antiquated" and inadequate and its procurement "disorganized" and marked by "weak internal controls."'

Basically, if you don't want something to work, you underfund or undertechnologize it. By using, natch, "antiquated" tools.

Now, that could potentially also be what's going on here, but I think this is more likely just a quasi-intended consequence of the Cheney Cabal's Exvestment process.

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