December 02, 2004

Lady Mondegreen of the Fens

Via TAPPED, the Confidence Man reads of yet another case of forged Iraqi documents. Somehow, we missed it last year when the CS Monitor retracted their story on the documents "proving" that Labor MP James Galloway had been receiving PR funds from Saddam Hussein.

Now, what catches our eye in this story is the fact that the editor of the CS Monitor is one Paul Van Slambrouck.

Recall our hypothesis earlier this year that the infamous George Tenet "slam dunk case" quote to Bush on the question of Iraq's WMDs. Our guess that "slam dunk case" was a mondegreen was on the wrong track: Tenet didn't actually say that the claims for Iraq's possession of WMDs was "Islam bunk, ace"; rather, he said, apropos of the CS Monitor's retracted story, that the Iraqi WMD story was "a Slambrouck case"!