July 08, 2004

Night of the Hunter

In re: http://croatan.blogspot.com/2004_05_01_croatan_archive.html#108446653880925402, I would like to suggest that we read this new item in the same light.

Because she is from West Virginia, the cunning teen involved in this scandal couldn't have come up with the escape and evasion tactics described here, and so therefore she must have been instructed by trained professionals in the espionage and/or mercenary combat fields.

July 07, 2004

Day of the Kangaroo


Jibbenainosay has nothing but praise for nature red in tooth and claw, particularly when it wears a defiantly stoic face. This is a better preview of the costs of global warming than THE DAY AFTER TOMORROW.

But as a frontier product myself, I do have one question: aren't these damn dogs we've domesticated supposed to protect us?

July 05, 2004

Pay No Attention...


Two thoughts:

1) In principle, there's no reason that an electronic voting system that was open enough to corruption wouldn't produce essentially the same results as any other election. That is, advocates on all teams have an equal chance of bribing whomever needs to be bribed; it might make the election a little closer, but it won't necessarily produce victory, as long as there's more than one programmer to be bribed. (Though of course, it won't be the programmers who get bribed!)

2) Following this train of thought, there's something really charming about the fact that a Canadian company, with the word global in its name, no less, is the source of these systems. Gee... I wonder how the Canadians would like to see the next election play out?

July 01, 2004

Lifestyles of the Rich and Not So Famous


Sigh. Another state I've spent a lot of time in. I'm not saying woe-is-me for the gay marriage stuff; who would expect any differently out of a state that's gutted its higher education system in order to relieve its residents of their car taxes? Virginia's only ever been in the vanguard when it came to enslaving people.

No, it's this stupidity:
The conservative Family Foundation said in a statement that gay rights groups are "willing to frighten and mislead their supporters simply to further their own political agenda."

"All the rallies in the world won't change the fact that this law passed with a bipartisan supermajority of the General Assembly," said Victoria Cobb, spokeswoman for the group.

I find that a lot of young conservatives at the conservative school at which I teach believe this, too. They seem to think that rallies are some kind of liberal pacifier, some kind of advertising. Believe me, kids, though you haven't seen it much in your lifetimes, America has a long history of showing that "all the rallies in the world"--hell, just a few of them--can indeed change what happens in the legislature! Brush up on the 1776-1789 period: they might even change what happens in your little gated community.