February 10, 2004

Careful Where You Point That Thing, Don

So, can we hope that this little exchange goes down in the annals of history as Rumsfeld's "Ich bin ein Arschloch" speech? Stay on message, Donnie -- we're now on the "kowtow to Old Europe to get them to pay to clean up our mess" tip.

(Question: Doesn't the freefall of the $USD -- and the officially non-official backing of this freefall -- make it even more difficult for us to pay for the Debaqle? And can we start being cute and calling this officially non-official backing of a weak $USD "Snowfall"?)

And another thing, Don, while we've got your attention: you just might want to think about backing off that whole "rape rooms" meme, at least while this shit is going on.

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