February 28, 2004

I Love You, Dr. Zaius!

Hm. Yes, Halliburton does have a powerful strange interest in going to Mars.

Their secret motivation couldn't be this, could it? The downside for the the GOP in that scenario would be that they'd have to drum up support for another Constitutional amendment, this time delimiting marriage to a union of Earthlings. "Feeling the hot blood of my fighting ancestors leap in my veins" -- Price, you're priceless!

Now, on to the data: note that "More than 11,000 images and 9.1 gigabytes of information have been returned by the two rovers," and then keep in mind Big Unka Gubmint's splendid track record of data mining and analysis. I wouldn't worry about Halliburton actually getting there any time soon.

On the other hand, they and their Space Pork cronies at the B.U.G. trough may well make a lot of money in the not-getting-there. A more detailed post on Space Pork, Selective Catastrophism, and Science! will be forthcoming. Have Confidence.

Meanwhile, do explore Chris Mooney's blog.

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