February 25, 2004


Well, this is just one of those things ... those crazy, kooky things ... where the confluence of editorial and advertising produces something wonderful-strange.

Via Atrios, we read a horrid little Bible-thumping screed in a local rag in Jasper, Alabama.

Now, leaving aside any genuine concern for the actual content of the op-ed piece itself, note the web ad directly at top of the page: it's a banner ad civic-boosting the city of Jasper.

And the motto of this hamlet of Jasper is: "Twice the Lifestyle ... Half the Price."

The Confidence Man is, verily, struck dumb at the wondrousness of this.



Geezus. Price, you're priceless.

Well, to abandon our usual elliptical allegorical style, we'll dive right in: the fact that the civic entity of Jasper employs the cosmopolizing trope of "lifestyle" as part of a media campaign of gentrification and derusticization means that theyhave already embraced the swishy, mogrelized, ambiguously Starbucked modern, and that this Sodom-and-Gomorrah Jeremiad is too little, too late.

As we say, priceless.

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