February 28, 2004

Going Private

Yes, indeed, Mr. Jibbenainosay, Richard Perle is one of the princes of darkness. Jack Shafer at Slate and Josh Marshall have been tracking Perle's trail of lymph for some time. Shafer in particular, with his "Perle Libel Watch," demonstrates that this peculiar lesser demon is comprised mainly of superheated Phlogiston.

Quite honestly, I don't know why this isn't a bigger story. Too "inside baseball," perhaps, to play on front pages and on the teevee news; too "inside baseball," as well, I suppose, in the sense of journos' and politicos' unspoken agreement not to stick a 2x4 in the Great Revolving Door.

Methinks that Perle's departure is, like Parsdint Flightsuit's Fag-Bashing Amendment, a sop to the right-wing "base": note especially Pat Buchanan's worm turning on Perle.

Ha! "That Cincinnatus, Condoleeza Rice" -- excellent. Yes, it would be good for her to self-exile back to the Farm (and only my girlish discretion keeps me from making any comment about "plowing fields"). But: wouldn't that be "Cincinnata"? (Which, as I'm sure you're aware, is actually also an accurate phonetic representation of how denizens of Porkopolis pronounce the place name.)

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