February 10, 2004

WaPo Carries Water for the Medicare Fraud Industry

... with said Medicare Fraud Industry specifically to include the Rove Re-election Apparatus.

Anyway, here it is. Note the second graf, which we quote in its entirety:

"The inquiry, initiated by nine Democratic lawmakers, is part of an escalating, multipronged effort by the law's critics to undermine public support for the legislation. The law, enacted three months ago, will add drug benefits to the program and create a larger role in it for private health plans."

Now, it seems apparent from the tone and placement of this framing device that it is intended to convey the message that the charges are illegitimate, scurrilous, and baseless. And, um, antipatriotic.

Aside from the question of placement of this framing device -- and let us be clear, we're not objecting to the inclusion of this framing device, as it is indeed an item necessary and relevant to the story -- there is a troubling allegation in the frame. Namely, the part about this being an attempt to "undermine public support for the legislation."

Folks, the public already decided that this bill was bogus. That's why tens of thousands of AARP members resigned from the organization. Hell, that's why the Dems felt emboldened in the first place to start countermanding the legislation.

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