February 10, 2004

Mixing It Up.

The Jibbenainosay spends some time at the Mall. While material being holds little interest for him, still, if one wants to observe the public morals, it's the best venue short of the ever-democratic airport. Better still, the Mall is located in a historically black town in the south, with an antebellum history of free black industry and a spectacular current racialized labor dynamic that's bringing large numbers of folks from northern Mexico, the Honduras, and Guatemala into the already charged black-white working space of a southern university town.

There's a Dairy Queen in our Mall. (The Confidence Man insists that DQ is exclusively a Red State phenomenon, but the Co.'s web site insists that it is ubiquitous.) Our DQ has a new dessert beverage, a coffee/dairy hybrid. A beige blend of dark and lovely coffee and pure white ice cream.

The MooLatte.

You think I'm making this up. Challenge me, and I'll provide photos. Somebody tell me what to make of this.

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