February 25, 2004


Or, everything I know I learned from Tim Goodman.

Oh, it's always a joy to get Goodman back from a bout of drinking on the couch.

Really, this fellow is the finest writer working for the SF Chron. Followed at a modest distance by the Night Cabbie and the Betting Fool.

Anyway, to showcase the snark, I feel compelled to quote Tim at length:

'The New York Times announced, on its opinion page, no less, that reality TV had "jumped the shark" with Fox's "The Littlest Groom." Never mind that the Times' witless, baroque approach to television criticism prefers references to arcanum such as 18th century art and opera titles over, say, things that are interesting or make sense, what's galling about this pronouncement is twofold.

Anyone who's hip to TV no longer, if he ever did, refers to "jumping the shark." That's akin to referencing 50 Cent and uttering "word up" while using both hands to "raise the roof." And then there's the matter of the premise itself. This may surprise the Times which, one would assume, has been watching a lot of "Nova" lately, but no amount of "little people" can kill reality programming. To think that reality programming is dead or dying is to be hopelessly naive about the state of television and where it's heading. Until Fox shoots somebody in the eye, live, this is a genre that will be around for a while.

OK, so, yeh, we'll have to take Tim to task for the erroneous use of "arcanum" (should be plural "arcana," but whatev), but otherwise -- bravo, sir!

And while we're on the subject of Chron columnists, we have a backlog of David Kipen Tortuous Ledes to unpack. Soon, my pretties ...

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