February 25, 2004

Safirean Conspiracy Theory

Surprised that Bill S. hasn't come up with this one yet; expect to see it in his column within the month.

And, um, to reiterate the header, we're not advocating any potential truth to this theory, but rather prognosticating Safire's gullibility in swallowing and regurgitating it.

Anyway, here goes: San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom, a veritably Deanian DLC-style Demo centrist/moderate (pro-biz, pro-civil lib, pro-property rights) has, at the behest of the Hillaryites, escalated the gay marriage debate in order to further scuttle the Dems' pars-dinchul chances in '04. This, doubtless, for either a shot at a cabinet seat in '09 and/or HilPac's fiduciary backing when Newsom runs for the Senate or the governor's office after two terms as SF mayor.

Watch the skies!

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