February 18, 2004


Josh Marshall does another post-barn-door-closing-and-barn-being-burned-by-angry-mob-of-peasants roundup of Kreepy Unka Dick's sacred cows.

Now, keeping in mind Cheney's demonstrated penchant for supra-official intel analysis ("Group B" in the '70s to overestimate the Soviet military apparatus, the "Office of Special Plans" recently to get around bureaucratic obstacles to Operation Oedipus) and his penchant -- nay, lust -- for privatization of military and diplomatic efforts (what was the name of that company he used to work for?), can we get down to some serious speculation?

To wit, it seems likely to us that Cheney had some serious inside dope, courtesy of Halliburton's work in the '80s and '90s for Iraq and Iran, of what exactly was going on in those benighted states. And this, most likely, is Cheney's true "intel apparatus": the reliance on private NGOs, specifically those with which Cheney enjoys tight fiduciary and personal relationships.

And this, boys and girls, is what the Confidence Man calls "extelligence."

And yes, this "extelligence" is related to the operative Cheney Cabal conceit of "errorism" (which we shall explain at some length anon).

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