February 06, 2004

More on the Theme of Mysterious Departures

Well, Jibbenainosay shews his aspect at last.

The Confidence Man must admit he is stumped by these Mysterious Departures.

Though, note the common theme in the accounts of neighbors, friends, and relations, of these old coots', shall we say, Alert Level Orange-type home security precautions. And the intimations of Strangers Divers and Mysterious beckoning the old gals from their porch-fronts.

Note also, the emerging theme of Doubling, in The Late Mrs. Mullinix/-ax:

Mrs. Mullinix used two names in her life, her sister-in-law Viola Mullinix said. At times, she would go by Lillian Mullinix, her given name, but most of the time she would go by Lillian Mullinax.

Viola said she told Mrs. Mullinix she needed to correct the name. She never did. The two names had become so intertwined that the name “Lillian Mullinax” was on her death certificate.

And speaking of Doubling and Intertwining ...

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