February 19, 2004


Wow, wow, wow, wow, wow.

This is, as they say in the cane break, sumpfin':

'As U.S. players left the stadium for their bus, several fans chanted "Osama! Osama!"'

Gotta hand it to those Mexican futbol afficionados: they know how to jeer. Big time.

As for American race fans, well, a bunch of bystanders silently giving Dubya the bird is encouraging, but not up to snuff.

Now, in '08 or '12 when Hillary and/or Eliot Spitzer runs, and they come to Daytona, then you may hear some "Osama!" chants from the crowd. Because we still insist that the 9/11 attacks were directed much more at "New York City" and the cosmopolitan modernism it represents, then at "America" as such, especially as represented by the Red State sectors that are "more" American (and less modern).

But anyway, more on that later.

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