February 26, 2004

Twins, taxes, technology

Well, this is a mix of the wonderful, the maudlin, and the weird.

But one part is rather inexcusable, from an editorial perspective: "the couple said they used part of their tax refund check to pay roughly $300 in anesthesia bills."

Now, really. If you're going to ascribe the magickal healing power of the Bush Tax Cuts, then you probably should at least point out that any further surgeries and palliative care will be all the more difficult to pay for because of the Bush Tax.

Plus, I've got a semantic bone to pick with those slack bastards at CNN: note the use in the last graf of "plexiglass." Not only did they fail to capitalize the trademarked name, but they misspelled it (one "s," not two). Ding-dongs.

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