February 09, 2004

Ishi's Return

Well, this is a book we've been waiting some time for. Congrats to prof. Starn for completing it. We are anticipating some fascinating revelations.

Now, this, however, is not the review we were waiting for. We're not terribly familiar with this Elizabeth Corcoran person, but we suspect she may have, if you'll pardon the expression, some sort of axe to grind. (Or would that be "arrowhead to flake"?)

In any event, this is a notably detail- (and opinion-) free review. Not especially suprising, we suppose, given the dreadful book editor at the SF Chron, but still ...

Anyway: perhaps a more detailed post some time in the future running down the dread David Kipen's offenses against literate discourse. Now we need to run out and get a copy of Ishi's Brain -- and then bump Native Speaker and Growing Up Underground down the reading list.

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