February 29, 2004

Oh, Crap -- It's Spreading


Well, the muddled, wooly-headed, apolitical, myopic thinking -- that I expected.

The absolute disregard for any questions of "electability," that surprised me a little and is really pretty inexcusable.

But THIS truly galls:

'Experience counts in the White House. As Kerry put it, "the greatest difference substantively'' between he and Edwards is the Massachusetts senator's 35 years of experience in working on progressive causes.'

"Between he and Edwards"?!? Come on, people -- this is a grade-school level case mistake. Between him and Edwards.

If the op-ed editors of major urban newspapers can neither properly pluralize Latinate nouns nor get their pronoun cases correct, then the terrorists have won.

The Confidence Man herewith proposes a Defense of Grammar Constitutional amendment.

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