February 26, 2004

Extelligence Revisited

Hm. OK, so we knew that Condi Rice had put her widdle foot down and insisted that she was not going to pway nice with the 9/11 investigation.

We had not, however, realized that her legal justification for not doing so was that, essentially, she's just a private citizen: "Rice has also refused to testify publicly on the grounds she is a presidential adviser and not a Senate-confirmed Cabinet officer."

Indeed, it's another example of the Cheney Cabal's extelligence operation. Ain't nobody here but us private citizens.

And, of course, this also explains the ongoing vampiric tale of Richard Perle, who is now apparently being prised off the milky white neck of the Defense Policy Board. He, too, is merely a noble, self-sacrificing private citizen.

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