March 03, 2004

We Have Confidence!

Jesus. That was fast.

Just a week ago, the Confidence Man wrote that,

"[I]n the event of a Bush-Cheney win this fall, about halfway through their second term we will see a genuinely ugly private military/commando debacle, along the lines of Iran-Contra."

So ... this week, we get the overthrow (again) of Aristide in Haiti.

What does that have to do with our post, you ask?

Note that Kreepy Unka Dick went on the campaign offensive yesterday, granting interviews to FOX, MSNBC, and CNN.

In response to Wolf Blitzer's query regarding the ouster of Aristide, Cheney replied that Aristide "left with his security detail on an aircraft we provided, not a military aircraft but civilian charter."

As we said, Exfrastructure. Outsource the military operation, and it's not, strictly speaking, a US enterprise.

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