March 11, 2004

Hey! We Resemble That Remark!

Alright, generally speaking the Confidence Man is a huge fan of the particular brand of snark employed by the brilliant young men at Baseball Prospectus. They have a wonderful ability to integrate qualitative snark with quantitative snark.

But this young whippersnapper Nate Silver has simply gone too far with the apposite in his assertion: "Political pundits--you know, the guys in the bowties--are ranked somewhere between child molester and petty thief on the social hierarchy."

Now, insofar as these two blithering idiots are concerned, Young Nathaniel is right on the money.

But to unfairly tar bowtie wearers in general with that particular feather is a grievous insult, indeed. The Confidence Man is not so concerned with his own tattered image; no, it is the honor of this great man which the Confidence Man wishes to uphold.

We must observe, however, that Young Nathaniel does exhibit both a puckish, self-deprecating sense of humor and a willingness to be corrected of his missteps: "Now, where did I put my bowtie?"

Nate, the Confidence Man procures his bowties here.

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