March 23, 2004

Mysterious Disappearances and Reapparances Redux, or On the Theme of Verdoppelung und Spaltung

Courtesy of the Rittenhouse Review, we see that there are strange things afoot in the City of Brotherly Love.

We hope for her sake that little Delimar/Aaliyah does not have to "pay the price for her own adaptability" ...

Then, of course, there was this: '"I could never make contact because there was always a machine or something," he said.'

Remember, boys and girls, that in the symbolic exchange there is always a machine or something interceding.

And, furthermore, that this intercession is precisely what makes us "us."

And that Encounters With the Machine should most certainly not be reported to the Proper Authorities. For this Interceding Machine is the N*********r, and must not be invoked, 'pon pain of tongue-splitting.

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