March 11, 2004

All the News That's Fit ...

Alright, someone in the Daily Press Gaggle needs to push Scott McClellan on this further desecration and denigration of science by the Cheney Cabal in the name of increased profits.

Really, this should be a slam-dunk personalized attack on Bush: he has repeatedly cast himself as a fitness zealot, and especially prior to 09/11/01, there were multiple anecdotes about Bush being excessively snarky to any of his aides who were somewhere north of svelte.

Someone in the Gaggle should directly ask McClellan whether Bush eats fast food, whether he thinks Americans should eat healthy diets, and why he supports poor American dietary and exercise habits. I mean, come on, Helen! Get on it!

(By the way, that "AEI" in the Helen Thomas link is not this AEI, thank Zoroaster.)

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