March 16, 2004

Errorism Redux

Boy, the Confidence Man has been enjoying Timothy Noah's "Chatterbox" column at Slate for some time now, but his latest column is en fuego.

In fact, Chatterbox provides us with a concise definition for our neologism of Errorism: "the war against empiricism."

Though we should point out that Chatterbox is remiss in not linking this up with the whole "The Cheney Cabal Drives Up in a '76 Chevy and Abducts Science From a Playground and Takes Science to a Secure, Undisclosed Location and Does Unspeakable Things to Science, Leaving Science With Tragic Psychic Scarring" storyline.

The one benefit, we suppose, from that particular storyline, is that Tim Robbins will eventually play the role of Science in an award-winning perf ...

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