March 16, 2004


The Confidence Man is often described by others as "paranoid."

Now, we're not going to engage in the old dodge of "justified paranoia."

No, we prefer to think of it as a case of our Having Confidence -- Confidence, that is, in others more venal and, shall we say, successful than us.

Nonetheless, we understand how this comes off to others at times: as if the Confidence Man were busy night and day in a sweatshop of his own devising, hand-crafting tinfoil hats to ward off the Bad Mana.

Musing on this subject, we realized that there should be a word for such a person, who believes not only in the existence of extra-social end-times conspiracies but also in the viability of individual discipliniary craft to dispell the mental effects of said end-times conspiracies.

Bingo: "millinerism."

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