March 03, 2004

Tempus Fuckit (con apologia por Jibbenainosay)

Ah, yes, Mr. Jibbenainosay phase-shifts into the realm of the temporal.

(My goodness, the Confidence Man should know better than to be typing after 10:00 with a snootful of patent cough medicine in him: he initially typed that above phrase as "phase-shits," which wouldn't be at all pleasant for anyone involved.)

Tell us, Jibb, what the fuck is up with that stock Corbis image accompanying the CNN article? Pencils and pencil sharpeners? Jesus H. Gibson. I guess that following the logic of the article, we would hazard a guess that "pencils" educated in "pencil-only" classes would remain dull and undifferentiated; "pencil sharpeners," on the other hand, would not suffer demonstrably, unless one were to subscribe to the narrow viewpoint that it was the natural destiny and obligation of a pencil sharpener to be filled with pencil lead and to shave it off in narrow increments.

To pursue Jibb's line of questioning, as to what kind of shavers this sort of school system will turn out: well, we, among others, have bandied about with the term "American Taliban" since yon these long years since Mullah Ashcroft's confirmation by the dismal solons.

And speaking of "our" current "born-again oil baron administration," I believe that the titular head and lieu-tenant of same have some firsthand experience with "alcohol-powered cars."

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