March 16, 2004

The Impact of Global Warming on the Medicare Crisis

When the polar ice caps start to melt, we will have fewer ice floes on which to push our elderly and infirm out to sea ...

Seriously, this theme of "too much cost for benefit to too few patients" is getting out of hand. Gina Kolata of the NYT has been pushing this, in conjunction with the reptilian Tom Scully, for several years.

Yes, genuine cost-benefit analysis can serve to improve the efficacy and efficiency of healthcare.

Yes, there is fraud and waste in Medicare and other state-sponsored healthcare finance schemes.

Yes, a Benthamite public-health analysis schema could improve overall benefits.

But when the punks in charge of all this are in the pocket of the Legalized Mandatory Ponzi Scheme Industry and the Medicinal Space Pork Industry ...

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