March 18, 2004

Countdown to Mendacity

So, the WHO has announced their findings that legal drugs pose a much greater worldwide health risk than do illegal drugs.

The Confidence Man is accepting predictions for the first "debunking" of this report by the Cheney Cabal as part of their unSound Science campaign.

Won't be tomorrow, as they reserve Fridays for dumping bad news into the Weekend Trench of Dissipated Coverage.

Our guess ... Wednesday of next week, timed to follow a late joint press release Tuesday afternoon by either the Hoover or the AEI in conjunction with some Salty Fatty Snax Industry lobby group (the latter disguised as a "consumer choice" astroturf organization).

Perhaps -- just perhaps -- there will also be a tie-in by some non-AMA group of anti-trial-lawyer MDs decrying the "slipshod methodology" of the WHO study.

Remember, you read it here first.

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