March 17, 2004

A Rheabours

Of course, being more or less a local, I don't feel like I should have to respond to this, but when the Confidence Man calls, nature answers.

Knowing what I do about the family dynamics of rural Tennessee and Kentucky, and having learned from Louis Althusser that these kinds of legal maneuvers tend to be a veil for some other ideological imperative, I'd call attention to the specificity of the dictum: only homosexual acts are to be declared against nature. Reproducing with immediate family members (it's what separates us from the monkeys!) is not to be declared such.

I'd love to see a new border-drama-comedy, Dukes of Hazzard-style, staged in Rhea Co. Daisy's the lipstick lesbian, protected by Bo and Luke (gay brothers in love: that's Rhea-style queer) who provide her with high-tension chase scenes out to the county line whenever Boss Fugate thinks his humorously incompetent deputies have got photographic evidence of her non-breeder sexual activity.

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