September 04, 2004

Vicious Homophones

Hm. Perhaps this will finally inspire DQ to change the name of this.

I mean, associating your product with outmoded eugenics theories is one thing; associating it with "the scourge of female genital mutilation" is another thing entirely.

(Of course, "moolaade" does apparently mean "protection"; perhaps the blended caffeinated soft-serve beverage is meant to provide some sort of juju aegis against bad traditional practices: "Stand back, father! For I have the forces of Modernity at my disposal, as exemplified by this godless mass-produced frosty beverage! Your primitive tribal paternalism is no match for the power of surplus labor value and agribusiness!")

(Oh, and about that "scourge of female genital mutilation" business: isn't the "scourge" mechaphor perhaps a bit too vivid for a mainstream publication?)

In any event, the MooLatte still maintains a troublesome relation with "blackness," no?

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