September 14, 2004


With all due respect, Jibbenainosay feels that the root of the Confidence Man's misreading of the providential evidence with respect to the Four Hurricanes of the Apocalpyse is a temporal fixation incommensurate with God's communications system. It's asynchronous, you see: Florida doesn't get it, so it keeps doing ridiculous things like allowing Nader onto the ballot. And that's o.k. There are plenty more hurricanes.

But then, I suppose any place that has a lot of hurricanes needs real democracy badly. Don't like "big government," eh? Well, big government's bailing you out, literally, right now. See my previous post, and thank your lucky stars you have a family connection, Florida, because otherwise the Cheney Disaster Relief Team would be showing up not with food, drinking water, and low-interest loans, but Exxon T-Shirts and indentures with the Transportation Safety Administration for you to sign your children's lives away to.

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