September 20, 2004

Crayfishin' in Texas

The Confidence Man finds another intriguing decontextualized nugget in the Austin Statesman article* on political demographic trends:

[Burleson (TX) County] Democrat and former family physician Joe Smith puts much of the blame [for the county flip-flopping to the GOP side of the ledger] on Bill Clinton. "When he got (sex) [sic; emphasis added] in the Oval Office, it just tore up things," the 83-year-old Smith said. "It chased everybody out of" the Democratic Party.

Now, about that parenthetical elision ... well, as the Confidence Man likes to say, ironies abound.

*Registration required: The Confidence Man relies on the generosity of his good pal Brock Chandler, whose email is seelabee at yahoo dot com and uses the password bertolucci.

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