September 28, 2004

Vacuous Demagoguery, or Idiots To My Left

Here in the Confidence Man's adopted hometown of Sodom-by-the-Bay, our city government has reached an agreement for a local commercial enterprise to "sponsor" the multipurpose concrete abutment surrounding the field upon which the Sodom-by-the-Bay Sourdough-Eaters play American "football."

Sodom-by-the-Bay being a contentious and parochial little town, several of the more recondite and unreconstructed Lefties on the Board of Supervisors have taken it upon themselves to champion a barricade against the Forces of Modernity. Supervisors Ammiano, Daly, Gonzalez, and Sandoval have offered up ballot Proposition H, which would not only allow city voters to reject the sponsorship deal (and with it the $3M to help support city parks), but also to:

send a signal that San Francisco remains on the front lines against the increased corporatization and commercialization of everyday life.


Folks, this Proposition H is sheer demagoguery, the leftie equivalent of the Defense of Marriage Amendment: a bad policy, based on blinkered ideological biases, reactionary and anti-modern, and proposed solely for the sake of gaining points with the solons' rabid political base.

Mayhaps the Confidence Man should just up and move to France.

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