September 24, 2004

Crossing the Streams

Combining the rich, nougaty filling of debates over the genocide of the Native North Americans with the thick, chocolatey enrobement of ironic, violent deaths of white-collar WASP professionals:

Indians scalp history teacher reenacting Lewis and Clark voyage.

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Jibbenainosay said...

One follow-up:

"Jon Ruybalid, a Nebraska lawyer who has spent several weeks as a crewman on the re-enactment journey, said tribes all along the route were asked in advance for permission to land and none refused. He acknowledged that many injustices were committed against Indians, but added: "We're not Lewis and Clark. We are a group of volunteers.""

First of all, when lawyers start referring to themselves as "volunteers," you've got to be suspicious. Second, I deeply suspect that the response Atty. Ruybalid gave was EXACTLY THE SAME ONE Lewis and Clark gave the Tetons when they nearly came to blows with them back in the day.