September 29, 2004

US Secretary of Defense Jean-Baptiste Lamarck

Apparently the latest Pentagonese neologism for "buy it before it works" is "evolutionary acquisition." The Confidence Man thinks perhaps he shall try to sell the Pentagon his patented simple lever and inclined plane.

The other term the brass uses, if you can believe it, is "spiral development." Careful, boys, those screws turn both ways (get it? "screw"? "simple lever"? "inclined plane"?).

I wonder what Secretary of State Gregor Mendel thinks about this plan. Actually, since Mendel is out of the loop in the Lysenko Administration, it probably doesn't matter ...

And while we're on the subject, the SF Chron ran an inexcusably boosterish (get it? "booster"?) pro-SDI article a couple of weeks ago ... in the Business section. Oy. Can you say "Space Pork"?

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