April 23, 2004

The Historical Duplicity of the Swedes

Um ... the Confidence Man reads Bryan Curtis's condensation of Woodward's Plan of Attack at Slate, and ... well, is dumbstruck:

Page 250: Karl Rove, a Norwegian-American, is obsessed with the "historical duplicity" of the Swedes, who seized Norway back in 1814. This nationalism manifests itself as hatred for Swedish weapons inspector Hans Blix.

Now, the Confidence Man is sensitive to the moody intransigence of Norwegian-Americans; Mrs. Confidence Man is of Norwegian extraction, and Ikea binge-shopping aside, she has a virulent antisweditic streak that must be appeased.

However, Mrs. Confidence Man never held the power to convince the leader of the free world to disregard a UN weapons inspector -- to the best of the Confidence Man's knowledge, that is; perhaps the Confidence Man is living with a full-fledged member of the International Norwegish Conspiracy ...

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