April 20, 2004

1 + 1 = ?

Hmmm. Intriguing series of comments from President Andrew Jackson in his ESPN.com chat yesterday (emphases added):

Andrew Orefice, Neptune, NJ: Peter: Is Alfonso Soriano poised to stay in Texas this season and thereafter, or are they willing to deal him before July 31st? What are you hearing about the Mets' interest in him, given the uncertainty of Jose Reyes hammy?

Peter Gammons: I dont' think they will pay him what he can make on the open market. I think they will try to trade him for pitching. The question is who can afford 9-10 million and has pitching to give up? They would like to get a SS and some young pitching.


Jurgen (Toronto, ON): Thanks for the chat, Peter. I was wondering if you think Billy Beane is preparing to trade one of the Big Three (perhaps for another bat or two)? There was a lot of speculation when he traded for Redman in the off-season, and even despite Harden's struggles, he's still got Blanton and now Saarloos near-ready in the minors. Who is mostly likely to be dealt, and to which club?

Peter Gammons: I dont' think he will. None are eligible for free agency until after next year. I think he will get Hudson sign. I think he figures with Dye coming back he just needs to find an offensive 2B. He's convinced Bobby Crosby will hit 20 HRs by seasons end.

Hmmm, indeed.

If, indeed, Texas is actively looking to leverage Soriano for young pitching before the deadline, I would imagine that we'd stand a good chance of seeing him in Oakland this year for a stretch-run rental (and a subsequent letting-him-walk-for-a-draft-pick).

Double-hmmm: might we also link this to the recent benching of Durazo? Erubiel would make for an attractive throw-in with a pitching prospie or two to Texas for Soriano.

Yes, the Confidence Man is wish-casting here. And we're big fans of Marco Scutaro (for his defense, for his bat, but most of all for the venerable Bill King's wonderful attempts at the correct Venezuelan pronunciation of "SKyOO-TyAH-roooohww"). But, geez -- just think about a 3-4-5 of Soriano-Chavez-Dye ...

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