April 14, 2004

"Boldness and Courage"

Ugh. The Confidence Man disappears for a couple of weeks into his Insecure Undisclosed Location, and when he pops his head above ground, this happens.

Jesus H. Christ. This whole "Bush presidency" thing really is about bringing on the Rapture, isn't it?

Ye cats! Could that be the real occult meaning of Chimpy McFlightsuit's infamous "bring it on!" statement last year?

I mean, my god: 'Bush called Sharon's plan historic and urged Palestinians to match Israel's "boldness and courage."'

This can only mean one of two (not-necessarily-exclusive) things: either this is like a PBS fundraising drive, and "boldness and courage" is a euphemism for essentially blackmailing the Palestinian lobby into matching the cash donated by the Likudniks/PNAC/Neocons to Karl's Roi-Soleil Restoration Fund ... or it's a genuine "bring it on" dare for the Palestinians (and their supporters) to escalate the violent tactics of the intifada even further.

Billmon at Whiskey bar has a nice analysis here.

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