April 19, 2004

First, They Came for the Satirical Screenwriters. Then, They Came for the Smart-Ass Humorist/Bloggers ...

As we mentioned before, it's been pretty obvious for some time that the White House has Ed Neumeier captive somewhere.

Now comes even more evidence that Ed's scenarios are being pere-verted by the NeoCons running Bush foreign policy.

And the Confidence Man now has a sneaking suspicion that Karl Rove may have absconded with Dan Radosh as well:

While Laura Bush sat reading a book, Rove gave a PowerPoint presentation on the campaign's strategy, themes and timetable.

Opening his laptop, he displayed for Bush in bold letters on a dark blue background:


Strong Leader

Bold Action

Big Ideas

Peace in World

More Compassionate America

Cares About People Like Me

Leads a Strong Team

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