May 01, 2004

Ritual Bonding

Uh-huh. The Confidence Man reads, from a little idle Googling, that Janis Karpinski, the general in charge of US-administered prisons in Iraq, "[i]n her civilian life [...] is a consultant who runs grueling executive training programs for those hoping to scale the corporate ladder."

Now, the Confidence Man has some experience in the corporate world; and also in both receiving and administering "motivational" "team-building" exercises, of both the physical "ropes course" variety and the conceptual Stanford-prison-experiment variety.

And you know what? The incriminating photos of abuse of Iraqi prisoners by US military guards and contractors are really not a lot more than extensions of those corporate team-building exercises.

Or frat initiation rituals.

Cla-MAY-to, Cla-MAH-to. Let's call the whole thing off.

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