May 06, 2004

Live From the Antistate

As we mentioned before, part of the overriding strategy in Iraq is the establishment of an Antistate.

Abuse of prisoners by US military and contractors is certainly one fallout from that strategy.

Abuse of subordinates by US military and contractors is another:

The commander of a Bay Area National Guard unit is accused of taking nude photos of female subordinates in a shower at Baghdad's Abu Ghraib prison[.]

On the other hand, it's comforting to see that the US military is in the vanguard of psychopharmacological interventionism:

Morale was so bad that a combat stress management team prescribed the antidepressants Prozac and Paxil to troops, soldiers said.

The Confidence Man is tempted to query whether the US Army is able to buy its drugs cut-rate from canada, but that's a topic for another day ...

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