October 28, 2004

That Sounds Dirty


And, of course, the context is appropriate.

Jibbenainosay, we await your input on this matter.

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Jibbenainosay said...

From our correspondent Jacques Lacan: "The use of the term Lincolnalia is preferred over the use of Lincolnology as inscribing a non-heterologocentric term for laudatory monographs by writers whose attraction to the dead president must be understood not as necrophilic but as gay en vivant."

From our correspondent Judith Butler: "Another pallid example of heteronormative temporality. To say that Lincoln is gay retroactively is to ignore that he was clearly gendered female and sexually gay, and thus, that he was to all intents and purposes 'straight.' The hyperbolically phallic stovepipe hat, like the obelisk of 2001: A Space Odyssey, is not so much drag as a black box for the Presidential sex-gender matrix."

From our correspondent Mark Leyner: "I want a sperm sample."