October 07, 2004

He Really Is Heartless, Isn't He?

The Confidence Man generally tries to keep Mushy Humanist Sentiment off of Croatan, but this one was too much to resist.

The Confidence Man was struck by one moment in particular during the Vice Presidential Debate the other night.

When Gwen Ifill stunned both candidates with her AIDS-among-African-American-women question, Dick Cheney's framing of his response was especially galling.

Shifting his response to the international realm, Cheney said that "In some parts of the world, we've got the entire, sort of, productive generation has been eliminated as a result of AIDS, all except for old folks and kids -- nobody to do the basic work that runs an economy."

Nobody to do the basic work that runs an economy?

Jesus. Cheney really just isn't human, is he?

And, of course, what a perfectly awful response from a campaigner's perspective.

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PusBoy said...

Hey, don't you know it's all about the money? Screw humans! They're just numbers. Wheels in a machine! Cogs, I tell you. Cogs!