February 10, 2008

Not to get all FOX News about Hillary, but ...

As the argument went against Kerry in '04 -- and against the Dem candidates last year, in boycotting the FOX-sponsored debate -- "If they can't handle FOX News, how are they going to defend us against Al Qaeda?"

Likewise, if Hillary -- especially with her massive institutional advantage, huge initial funding advantage, and all of politicking to a friendly field of primary voters -- can't stomp Obama like a bug, how in the heck is she going to defend herself against the GOP-media attack machine in the fall?

One of the primary (if often, in the MSM, anyway, sub rosa) arguments in favor of Hillary as the Dem candidate is that she's the Machiavellian streetfighter, the candidate most willing to get her hands dirty (and/or delegate others to get their hands dirty on her behalf) in fighting fire with fire against the Rove machine.

And, to be sure, she, Bill, and their whole team have been more than willing to fight dirty in the primary cycle.

But it's not working.

Which means, potentially, two not-incompatible things: 1. That sort of shit doesn't work anymore (doubtful, but possible). 2. Team Clinton just isn't very good at doing it effectively.

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