July 14, 2005

Rove IS a Jerk!

The Confidence Man has long harbored, shall we say, *suspicions* regarding (as Jibbenainosay would put it) the "heteronormativity" of Karl Rove.

Now, ever since that eruption of Gannon/GuckertGate died down (we understand penicillin helps with that sort of thing), our suspicions had been held in abeyance.

However, when Time's Matt Cooper rolled on Rove last week, our (ahem) radar was set off by this:

'"A short time ago," Mr. Cooper said, "in somewhat
dramatic fashion, I received an express personal
release from my source."'


And then, just yesterday, David Gergen insisted to the NYT that "Karl is [Bush's] right arm."


Um ... "express personal release"? "Karl is [Bush's] right arm"?

We were *right*: Rove IS a jerk!

(Though we always thought W was a lefty. Perhaps he's ambidextrous ...)

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