July 07, 2005

George W. Bush is a Great American

The Confidence Man has for some time been musing over the temperament, methods, and achievements of one George Walker Bush, erstwhile ne'er-do-well scion, thence former ne'er-do-ill ready-made Achilles, and current canard boiteux.

Monsieur Bush, wethinks, mayhap indeed be, as our title indicates, a Great American.

A Great American, that is, in the line of descent that includes thy humble correspondents the Confidence Man and Jibbenainosay, as well as Masters Huckleberrry Finn, Ichabod Crane, and Captain Simon Suggs.

America, you see, is a nation founded on Confidence. And it takes a particklar pride in rejuvenatin' isself from time to time with a dose thereof.

Yes, the Confidence Man claims George W. Bush as one of his own, and claps George to his own hotblooded bosom.

Welcome, George, to the Brotherhood of Lit'ry Scoundrels. You rapscallion, you.

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