November 03, 2004

Where Did All the Nader Votes Go?

The Confidence Man is conflicted on whether to give any credence to the Diebold-machine-ate-my-Kerry-vote rumors. The diktat seems to have gone out to the major lefty bloggers to leave the issue alone, although commenters are popping up here and there to speculate.

But here's a thought: what if the Diebold touch-screen machines had been configured to change most/all Nader votes to Bush votes?

Who would notice? Nader was polling really low (although not as low as his final numbers, which is what spurred us to think of this possibility) and there's not really any organized constituency to complain. But that extra jot of votes would have provided the boost Bush needed.

(And, yes, we are aware that Nader was not on many state ballots -- including Ohio's.)

Anyway, just idle speculation ...

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