November 15, 2004

The Baby and the Bathwater

Matt Yglesias updates everyone on some less-noticed shakeout details following Powell's resignation at State.

Rumor has it that Danielle Pletka, one of the prime mover gasbag/nutjobs in the foreign policy division at AEI, may soon be taking over the Bureau of Near East Affairs. And performing her own version of the Goss Putsch in the State Department.

This is all part and parcel of the Norquistian "drown it in the bathtub" school of government "reform." Purging the CIA, purging State -- and watch for coming purges of the domestic agencies in the next year -- the folks being lost are not Clinton-era deadwood. They're career civil servants, who vow allegiance to the Constitution, not a particular president or party.

The morons and ideologues and glad-handing scam artists who rush in to fill the vacuum will "run" their department operations the same way that the Heritage Foundation interns "ran" their desks in "post-war" Iraq.

Straight into the ground.

As we have pointed out before, Iraq was a test run for Bush's vision of the Antistate:
  • The beta version is being rolled out right now in the CIA and anon in the State Department.
  • Antistate 2.0 comes with the putsch of mid-level career staffers in the domestic policy agencies.
  • Antistate 3.0 arrives in 2007 or '08, when Bush has appointed Federalist Society brownshirts to over half of the positions in the federal judiciary, and the post-Teddy-Roosevelt regulatory regime is demolished.

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