June 03, 2004


... or, The Confidence Man channels Donald Segretti ...

So: the Cheney Cabal is enlisting Christian congregation leaders to coordinate a get-out-the-vote effort in November -- thereby potentially putting the churches' tax-free status at risk.

Given the GOP's long and grotesque history of vote-suppression among Dem minority demographics (including, of course, the Florida faux-felon-purge in '00 and the South Dakota Native American vote-suppression in the '02 mid-terms), The Confidence Man is taken of an inspiration.

We need to initiate a program to convince evangelicals that, if they have been politically rousted by their pastor, that they are ineligible to vote. This could consist, at the outset, of an urban-legend-type trope circulated mostly verbally but also via email. Second stage could consist of crude, implausible forgeries of "official" documents "attesting" to the "truth" of the rumor. Finally, individuals in vaguely international uniforms could position themselves near by polling places on voting day (and churches two days previously) "advising" the fundies of the "limitations."

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