January 31, 2008

Gone to Canaan

Apparently, "Canadian" is the new "nigger" in au courant American South/Appalachian Scotch-Irish heritage circles.

While the "real" Canadian experts interviewed by the National Post seem genuinely confoozalated by this novel (?) usage, anyone with an iota of knowledge of American history should be able to suss it out. What Peculiar Institution played a significant role in the economic and social history of the South? And what direction did certain folks have to go to escape the PI? And if you go far enough north from the South, where do you end up (especially if certain states in the American North weren't exactly hospitable to sub rosa immigration)?

Where, in fact, did many folks specifically seek to go?

Remember, these are the same crackers for whom "New Yorker" has a clear racial/cultural/religious connotation.

(Via Andrew Sullivan.)

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