December 11, 2007

The CIA torture tapes and the Libby prosecution

Reading today's NYT account of CIA counsel's apparent advance approval of the destruction of the CIA torture tapes, I was struck by the timing of the decision.

The tapes were apparently destroyed in November 2005.

Now, as the Confidence Man wades through this vale of tears, looking backward becomes more and more problematic. But it seems as if I recall some sort of legal-political firestorm around that time, and that it centered on tacit Executive-level approval of the dissemination of classified CIA information. Hmmm ... what was going on then ... then ... then ... then ... < cue wavy flashback effect >

Uh, this was going on then.

That's right: Scooter was indicted in October 2005; the CIA (and, likely, folks in the Exective Branch) decided it should obnstruct justice and destroy evidence immediately thereafter.

It's. All. About. Protecting. Cheney.

(And, to a lesser degree, Chimpy McFlightsuit.)

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